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FLAT FEE: $624/horse.

  • INCLUDES – all AQHA class fees, office charge, ONE stall & AQHA Processing fees.
  • Does  NOT include: NSBA classes, shavings, RV or warm up fees.
Entry Fees: $19/judge/class – Open/Amateur/Youth
$17/judge/class – Novice/Level 1
AQHA Fee: $5/judge/horse
Office Charge: $10 per circuit
NSBA: $13 per class – single judged per S/C
Small Fry *: $10/judge/class
Warm Up Fees: $20/circuit – hunters and trail
Walk/trot Classes **: $11/judge/class

*  Small Fry – 9 years & under: If you have earned points in a novice class you are ineligible to show in the corresponding small fry class. Ex. – points in NY Pleasure, cannot show in Small Fry Pleasure.

** Walk/trot Classes – These are AQHA approved classes. Papers & cards required. NOTE: Per rules – If a horse-rider combination was entered into a Level 1 walk-trot class, that horse-rider combination cannot show in the corresponding loping/cantering class at that show. However, that combination can switch back and forth between the different shows.


High Point Awards – – TWELVE divisions. Jr Open, Sr Open, Green Horse, Novice/Level 1 Amateur, Amateur, Select, Novice Youth/Level 1, 13 & under Youth & 14-18 Youth, Small Fry, L1 Youth WJ & L1 Amateur WJ. Must show in your respective halter class. Small Fry & WJ excluded from halter requirement.


  1. High Point Western Pleasure. To be awarded to High point Western Pleasure horse, All classes from each division EXCEPT Level 1 (Green & Novice), will count. Classes to count are: Jr. Western Pleasure, Sr. Western Pleasure, Amateur Western Pleasure, Select Amateur Western Pleasure, 14-18 Youth Western Pleasure, 13 & U Youth Western Pleasure.
  2. High Point Trail. To be awarded to High point Trail horse, All classes from each division EXCEPT Level 1 (Green & Novice), will count. Classes to count are: Jr. Trail, Sr. Trail, Amateur Trail, Select Trail, 14-18 Youth Trail, 13 & U Youth Trail.
  3. High Point Working Hunter. To be awarded to High point Working Hunter horse, All classes from each division EXCEPT Level 1 (Green & Novice), will count. Classes to count are: Working Hunter All Ages, Amateur Working Hunter, Select Working Hunter, 14-18 Youth Working Hunter, 13 & U Youth Working Hunter.
  4. High Point Hunter Under Saddle. To be awarded to High point Hunter Under Saddle horse, All classes from each division EXCEPT Level 1 (Green & Novice), will count. Classes to count are: Jr. Hunter Under Saddle, Sr. Hunter Under Saddle, Amateur Hunter Under Saddle, Select Hunter Under Saddle, 14-18 Youth Hunter Under Saddle, 13 & U Youth Hunter Under Saddle.

Circuit Awards – Champion & Reserve Champion in each class. Must show to all applicable judges.


Availability –  Tampa has 471 excellent stalls in permanent horse barns & 400 vinyl stalls in permanent livestock barns.  No tents.  Bedding is available for sale on the showgrounds.

Placement & Groups – Reservations including payment must be received by December 1, 2016 to guarantee group placements and must be received together.

Payment – ALL STALLS must be pre-paid.   All Gulf Coast checks made payable to FQHA. (Florida Quarter Horse Association (or F.Q.H.A.) mail CHECK to: FQHA, PO Box 325, Laurel, Florida 34272.)  Credit cards are accepted for GULF coast stalls. Please see stall reservation form.

Arrival – GULF Coast Stalls: May arrive 01/01/17 without an early arrival fee. Please do not arrive early unless you contact FQHA for availability.  If you are attending both the Florida Gold Coast and Florida Gulf Coast Circuits in Tampa, your stall assignments will remain the same for both circuits.

Required – Stalls are required at the Florida State Fairgrounds. Stalls are $200.00 each horse or tack. No showing off the trailer. Stall fees are due by December 1, 2016 in order to guarantee placement. Stall Reservations received after December 1, and up until December 15 will be guaranteed as available, but placement and groups cannot be guaranteed.

Spectator Tables

$200 per table/eight seats.


Includes – Electricity, Water, and Sewer or Dump Station

Cost – 30 Amp Campsite $37.00 per night or 50 Amp Campsite – $47.00 per night with limited availability.

Placement – Reservations are mandatory. All campsites will be assigned upon arrival, no specific space will be guaranteed to any camper.

Checkout – Checkout time is 10am.  Anyone staying beyond this time will be charged for an additional day.

Contact – Florida State Fair Authority,  P.O. Box 11766, Tampa, Florida 33680.  Phone: 813-730-4642 or e-mail

Health Regulations

Health Regulations: Horses must travel with original or notarized copy of Negative Coggins test dated within 12 months. Additionally, OUT OF STATE HORSES must travel with Health Certificate less than 30 days old. Please check with your own Veterinarian for individual state requirements. State of Florida is strict about this, please check carefully.

Golf Cart Reservations

Contact Carolyn at 941-809-7075

Printable Forms


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Stall Reservation
Campground Reservation
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